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Chairman Message

Dr. Ram Karan Singh

Message from Founder & Chairman

A school imparts knowledge to children, develops their skills, instils in them sound values, and nurtures their curiosity for lifelong learning. It sets the context for their future learning, and prepares them to be self-motivated and self-directed learners. It also shapes their physical and mental health, and provides them with the environment for holistic development and well-being.

Our vision and everything that we do at Sant Gopichand Education & Welfare Society are guided by these educational precepts and practices, inspiring us to provide children with opportunities to grow to their full potential. We believe and have experienced all these years that, to achieve this, a happy learning experience is a necessary prelude. Hence, every day we endeavour to make teaching and learning enjoyable and purposeful. We empower our children with experiential learning, and a creative and innovative spirit.

Our educational programmes, co-curricular activities, community service engagements, international exchange programmes, and the multifarious events we organise are designed to foster children's all-round development and make them responsible citizens with a global outlook and cross-cultural appreciation.

Our dedicated and caring educators teach our children not just with their minds but also with their hearts, making learning enjoyable, purposeful and inclusive, and shaping them to be emotionally intelligent. They inspire our children to believe in themselves and think big, with a growth mindset.

Our students' accomplishments over the years and our reputation as one of the world's top schools exemplify the relevance of our education model - an international school with an Indian mind, an Indian heart, and an Indian soul; a happy school that celebrates children's holistic development and well-being.

We invite you to explore SGBIC as we rededicate ourselves every day, to provide an excellent education for our children. One that they will cherish for a lifetime, one that will make them good human beings.

Dr. Ram Karan Singh

Founder & Chairman